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Welcome to Responsive Drip Irrigation

Responsive Drip Irrigation (RDI) is the company, owner of the new method in water delivery that has completely reset the standard for irrigation systems. GrowStream™ tube is the world’s first and only plant-responsive irrigation and fertigation system which allows the plant to self-regulate its own water delivery, resulting in unmatched water savings and plant performance versus all existing forms of forced irrigation. RDI is present in more than 40 countries and growing.

RDI’s number one goal is to provide a solution that eases the water crisis and its consequences. Besides scarcity, the main problem being faced is the lack of potable water in the world, due to inadequate management of water resources. Water continues to be contaminated due to poor or no sanitation, the discharge of domestic sewage and industrial waste without proper treatment, and chemicals from agricultural activities.

With growing global awareness that the planet’s limited resources are in crisis, the next step is to take advantage of new technology, such as GrowStream™ system. This new method provides a sustainable future, but can also begin to regenerate the natural resources.


Simple to operate with low maintenance cost.
System can be used season after season, outlasting drip irrigation.


Uses 30-50% less water and fertilizer. Works with poor quality water, treated wastewater, and in non-arable land or degraded soil.


Healthier plants, less weeds, pests and diseases, creating beautiful and unique landscapes in diverse applications.


Variable flow rate that adjust and self-regulates to plants’ needs. Diverse plant types can be irrigated on the same zone.


Greenscapes in cities, including turf and trees, can be preserved by reducing water usage or treated wastewater, which returns back into nature, further filtering through the soil and plants.


Reduces the Urban Heat Island effect by preserving or expanding green spaces in urban areas. Prevents fertilizer run-off into storm drains and water supplies.