EAF staff with RDI bok choy



Pakistan is the 5th most populous country in the world with nearly 220 million citizens- and among the most extreme water scarce in the world. Its economy and people rely heavily on agriculture for both domestic food use and economic production.

Eva-Anna Farms, based in Islamabad, became the RDI distributor in Pakistan after GrowStream™ won the innovation award in Abu Dhabi. “With RDI, we can change the future of our people and our country,” said Muhammed Pervaiz, President of Eva-Anna Farms.

Eva-Anna Farms has since worked closely with the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) in Pakistan to install and compare water use, yield, and energy consumption of RDI GrowStream™. The NARC is the largest research center in Pakistan, serving as the common platform for scientific study and adaptation of technologies throughout the agricultural sector.

Compared to standard drip systems, GrowStream™ is already showing amazing results after just 8 weeks: RDI tomatoes are notably healthier, with 81% of the plants flowering compared to just 23% for standard drip.

Bok Choy was recently harvested, with RDI showing an average plant weight of 755 grams per plant vs. 334 grams for standard drip. While this 126% increase in yield is incredible – RDI continues to see examples where performance far exceeds even the highest of expectations.

GrowStream’s™ ultra-low system pressure requirements and water-efficiency
also means that smallholder farmers throughout the country can dramatically reduce their energy costs by over 60%.


RDI launches in Kenya

RDI has partnered with Peter Chege Gichuku and Hydroponics Africa Limited to supply GrowStream, RDI’s incredible new plant-responsive system to the region. With a rising population of nearly 50 million and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Kenya is becoming a leader for its region and all of Africa.  Drought, food production, and sustainability remain top of mind for leaders throughout the country, RDI and Hydroponics Africa Limited are bringing an incredible solution to meet the growing needs in Kenya.

Peter and his team are specialists in hydroponics and vertical farming but saw the immense potential that GrowStream could bring to farmers and growers, both commercially and the average small farmer.  Many areas don’t yet have reliable, pressurized water.  This means many small growers pay a premium to have water trucked in- or have to haul water in manually.  GrowStream only requires ultra low-pressure for optimal performance: a raised water tank can effectively generate enough pressure for GrowStream to operate optimally.

RDI traveled to Kenya to work with Peter and his team, training and implementing various installations. After just a month, plant health and production are already showing notable signs of improvement.

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Our team is checking in on a landscape installation in El Segundo, CA (LA area).  GrowStream was installed to compare against another leading subsurface drip system.  

After just 6 weeks, the GrowStream side is clearly showing improved plant health and development- particularly for the Star Jasmine, Lavenders, and citrus plants.  

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The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) has emerged as a global authority on sustainable food production, driving innovation through exhibitions and conferences across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.  The GFIA is a collaboration of globally significant partners committed to continuous innovation in agriculture in order to feed nine billion people by 2050.

GFIA Abu Dhabi is held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and enjoys strategic support from Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The event hosted 7,000 attendees from around the world.

Responsive Drip Irrigation proudly presented its new plant-responsive water delivery system, and was honored to be awarded “Best Innovation by Startup.”  RDI’s new technology and system dramatically reduces water use and shows unmatched crop performance by allowing each plant to self-regulate its own water delivery. This new technology will also bring much needed solutions to arid countries and previously non-arable lands.

As the winner of the Startup Award 2019, RDI will gain free access to the 4th Global Agripreneurs Summit, which will take place on September 7 – 11th, 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece, within the context of the Thessaloniki International Fair, the most important exhibition event in Greece with more than 263,000 visitors and inaugurated every year by the Prime Minister.

Future Agro Challenge (FAC) sponsorship of the winner means RDI can attend the Global Agripreneurs Summit for free; overriding the fee to attend the event and gaining direct access to be part of the Future Agro Challenge Global Championships by surpassing the procedural application process. RDI will gain free access to all activations in the Global Agripreneurs Summit: Global Bootcamp, FAC Global Championships, B2B meetings, participation in the Innovation Exhibition Space, Workshops, Inspiring Talks by Industry Leaders, as well as, Networking Events.

A special thank you to H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the entire GFIA team, and Future Agro Challenge.

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