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RDI grows watermelons at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya
RDI grows watermelons at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya

RDI has released its revolutionary plant-responsive irrigation system- and it’s already transforming agriculture in Africa.  Countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe continue to face extreme drought.  With the added unreliability of power and rolling blackouts, the agricultural sector needs to build its resilience to climate change to thrive and continue growth.

RDI has developed a brand new irrigation technology that is the world’s first and only plant-responsive system:  a microporous tube which uniquely interacts with plant roots and delivers water on-demand to every plant.  The RDI system is the most water-efficient ever made, produces incredible crops, and only requires ultra-low pressure (no electricity).  GrowStream™ will address challenges in Africa in ways no other irrigation or technology can:

1.  Reduce water use. GrowStream™ only releases water when the plant demands, 24/7. Water lost to evaporation and soil leeching is eliminated, saving 20-50% water versus conventional drip systems.

2.  Reduce energy needs. Every gallon saved also means reducing energy and fuel costs to pump the water. And with an operating pressure of just 1-2psi, GrowStream™ can still work perfectly with a simple gravity system.

3.  Easily produce the best crops. The RDI system allows each plant to control how much, and when it gets water. This reduces plant stress and leads to the highest performing plants possible. The system is very simple to use and does not require electronics. Even inexperienced growers can get high-grade yields by using RDI.

Projects around the world are showing incredible results.  In Pakistan, RDI is showing 3 and 4 times higher yields than conventional drip systems- all while reducing water and energy requirements.  At the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya, the harsh weather and soil conditions have been too challenging to produce viable crops.  But for the first time they were was able to grow high-grade watermelon, tomatoes, and fodder using RDI GrowStream™.

RDI is now seeking distributors in the Southern Africa region, contact us to learn more about how together, we can transform and uplift agriculture for Africa.