Debo Onafowora of BIC Farms Concepts in Nigeria shares an extended live walkthrough of their greenhouse install, and then a view of it a week later…

Laying Responsive Drip Irrigation in an hydroponics trough system....

Posted by Debo Onafowora on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Growing vegetables in the city with Responsive drip irrigation hydroponics system...

Posted by Debo Onafowora on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Responsive Drip development root demand

The team at RDI IBERIA in Portugal installed GrowStream™ and planted lettuce (alongside a glass pane) to demonstrate the unique ways roots develop and interact with our plant-responsive system. 

Roots grow to, around, and along GrowStream™ as they dynamically take water and nutrients from the tubing- all without root intrusion.  No other irrigation system can deliver such precision: plant-by-plant, minute-by-minute. 

Both Portugal and Spain are rated at the highest levels of global water stress- RDI IBERIA is engaging all levels of agriculture, municipal, and government agencies to reduce water use with RDI GrowStream™.  Contact us for more information.


Hydroponics Africa - melons

Hydroponics Africa Limited in Kenya have published their results after using RDI GrowStream™ in multiple crops and several seasons. Peter Chege and his team have seen incredible results in water savings, yield increases, energy savings, and speed to plant maturity / harvest.  Read the report below or click here to download.

Click here to visit Hydroponics Africa and learn more about our work together to build sustainable food for Africa.


RDI battles drought

USA Today has highlighted a recent study that shows a megadrought is emerging in the Western US, and could be the worst in 1,200 years.  See the original article below.

The western US is home to over 70 million people, with vast agricultural production throughout.  California alone produces over a third of the US vegetables and two-thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts.  RDI’s plant-responsive system will help drive sustainability for both cities and growers to become more resilient to droughts.  Contact us to learn more.


RDI launches in Kenya

RDI has partnered with Peter Chege Gichuku and Hydroponics Africa Limited to supply GrowStream, RDI’s incredible new plant-responsive system to the region. With a rising population of nearly 50 million and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Kenya is becoming a leader for its region and all of Africa.  Drought, food production, and sustainability remain top of mind for leaders throughout the country, RDI and Hydroponics Africa Limited are bringing an incredible solution to meet the growing needs in Kenya.

Peter and his team are specialists in hydroponics and vertical farming but saw the immense potential that GrowStream could bring to farmers and growers, both commercially and the average small farmer.  Many areas don’t yet have reliable, pressurized water.  This means many small growers pay a premium to have water trucked in- or have to haul water in manually.  GrowStream only requires ultra low-pressure for optimal performance: a raised water tank can effectively generate enough pressure for GrowStream to operate optimally.

RDI traveled to Kenya to work with Peter and his team, training and implementing various installations. After just a month, plant health and production are already showing notable signs of improvement.

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