Evenproducts RDI Joint Statement
Evenproducts RDI Joint Statement

Evenproducts and Responsive Drip Irrigation - Joint Statement

Evenproducts is thrilled to announce that we have become RDI’s exclusive partner to the Aid and Development sector. Combining our expertise in supporting development programmes with a rich history of working across global agricultural sectors, together we believe that GrowStream™ has the potential to change lives for millions of people across the world.

GrowStream™ is the world’s first plant-responsive irrigation and nutrient delivery system. This truly amazing innovation promotes sustainable agriculture, reduces water and energy consumption, works on gravity fed systems, simplifies high-quality crop production and diversity, and increases yields to ensure food security. Complementing Evenproducts’ extensive range of water, sanitation and irrigation equipment, together we will help NGOs address some of the most important challenges the world faces as we aim to deliver the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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