RDI Featured in Good News Network For Cutting Water Use by 30-50%

RDI has been featured in the Good News Network for our state of the art water reduction technology!

Responsive Drip Irrigation (DRI) has designed a watering system that installs tubes under the earth filled with pore-like depressions. As plants begin to get thirsty they produce a certain chemical in their roots. The micropores in the tubes in turn detect this chemical and release a water drip that will continue until it detects the plants have drunk their fill.”

Check out the full article here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/responsive-drip-irrigation-system-changes-agriculture-saves-30-50-water-costs/

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Check out the full article here: https://www.fastcompany.com/90668669/this-irrigation-system-talks-to-plants-to-find-out-when-they-need-water

We would like to thank FAST COMPANY for covering our business in the most recent article about our technology! We are happy to have been featured. See some excerpts from the article below:

“When plants get thirsty, they release a particular chemical into the surrounding soil. The technology, from a company called Responsive Drip Irrigation, uses tubes that are embedded with a pore-filled polymer that can sense those chemicals. “When the plants give off the chemicals, micropores start releasing the water,” says Jan Gould, founder of Responsive Drip Irrigation. “So the water starts free-flowing, and the plants can slowly drink what they need.” When the plants have enough water, they stop emitting the chemical, and the pores close, turning the tubes into a tiny underground stream until the plants need irrigation again. The system can also be used to deliver fertilizer or soil amendments directly to the roots of plants.

The technology, originally developed by a chemistry professor, is now in use in places like Abu Dhabi, where farmers are growing local vegetables in the desert. It saves substantially more water than drip irrigation, another type of system that emits water out of small tubes. It can also help beyond farms: In Los Angeles, the company is currently working with the local water utility to test using it on urban landscaping. “If you tear out all the turf and tear out the plants, you create another set of issues —creating a heat island in the city with too much concrete and hardscapes,” says Gould. “Plants are important in the environment. So what they were looking to do is find out ways to keep some green, but to use less water to do it.” In side-by-side tests with a drip irrigation system in the L.A. pilot, the newer technology used 45% to 50% less water.”

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Evenproducts RDI Joint Statement
Evenproducts RDI Joint Statement

Evenproducts and Responsive Drip Irrigation - Joint Statement

Evenproducts is thrilled to announce that we have become RDI’s exclusive partner to the Aid and Development sector. Combining our expertise in supporting development programmes with a rich history of working across global agricultural sectors, together we believe that GrowStream™ has the potential to change lives for millions of people across the world.

GrowStream™ is the world’s first plant-responsive irrigation and nutrient delivery system. This truly amazing innovation promotes sustainable agriculture, reduces water and energy consumption, works on gravity fed systems, simplifies high-quality crop production and diversity, and increases yields to ensure food security. Complementing Evenproducts’ extensive range of water, sanitation and irrigation equipment, together we will help NGOs address some of the most important challenges the world faces as we aim to deliver the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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RDI featured in TheNational.ae

Abu Dhabi has offered Dh110m in incentives to a select group of AgTech companies.  RDI is proud to be among the visionary group of recipients- all with a common goal to develop sustainable farmland and food production to Abu Dhabi and the region. 

RDI GrowStream™ plant-responsive technology will usher a new generation of irrigation for hyper-arid climates.  Learn more about RDI’s launch in Abu Dhabi.


WT Jenkins Rose video

Tim Harper of WT Jenkins Inc. shares his experience of installing RDI GrowStream™ plant-responsive water delivery system in a landscape bed.
WT Jenkins has been providing landscape and irrigation services in Phoenix, AZ for nearly 50 years with extensive horticultural knowledge and experience with all previous forms of irrigation.
The first project put RDI’s system to a unique challenge: growing roses in a southwest facing bed… through the harsh summers of Phoenix.
To learn more about WT Jenkins, visit www.williamtjenkins.com


GCSSA Interview cover

RDI’s CEO, Jan Gould, along with David Conklin were interviewed earlier this year at the 2020 Golf Industry Show in Orlando, FL.  With the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), Jan and Dave discuss company history, product development, and how GrowStream™ plant-responsive water and nutrient delivery can dramatically save water for golf courses around the world.  GrowStream™ also brings unique solutions to bunkers, clubhouses, cart paths, mounds- all typically challenging spaces to irrigate.  Contact us for more info on how GrowStream™ can improve your golf course.

Special thanks to Frank Rossi.


Credit: GCSSA TV